Smithy’s Lures


G’day everyone! I am very proud to be able to sell my lures online. I hand carved my first lure over 30 years ago, out of a scrap block of timber and used the aluminium mouth piece from a beer can for the lures bib. This rough creation, believe it or not, actually swam and I caught a couple of flathead on it. This was to become an obsession for me as the range of lures available at this period in time was very limited, only a few imported brands available, and lure fishing in general was held with great sceptisism in the angling community. The lures available were quite large and worked well for flathead and were gaining exposure in the top half of Australia for Barramundi, but I knew that if I created a small lure that matched the baitfish, the boundaries could be endless on targeting bream, whiting and possibly anything with gills. With this in mind, I created the Little Mate lure, the first small or ultra light lure developed in the country and the benchmark of all the small lures you see manufactured from around the world displayed on the walls of tackle shops. I am overwhelmed to release this lure, along with my other models, on the market once again and I will be working on designing some new models for the new year as lure creation is an absolute labour of love for me.

Digga – 4 Colours



Li’l Mate – 4 Colours