River to Reef


Gold Coast – $29.95

By Bill Johnston and Brad Smith

The latest and most comprehensive release covering Southern Moreton Bay to Point Danger.

Following on from the great success of previous River to Reef books, the Gold Coast edition has plenty of information to help point you in the right direction.

Its detailed explanation of fishing rigs, locations and techniques is sure to satisfy your lust for localised information

Moreton Bay – $29.95

The most comprehensive coverage of Brisbane and Moreton Bay. Moreton Bay is bounded by some of the largest sand islands in the world.

The focus of this book is on the accessible fishing grounds from Wellington Point south of Brisbane toward Donnybrook in the Pumicestone Passage north of Brisbane.

The book is 200 pages packed full of detailed local fishing knowledge.

Sunshine Coast 2nd Edition – $29.95

The second installment of the series is a book covering the Sunshine Coast from the Noosa north shore down to the Pumicestone Passage.

It covers all the local reefs (including GPS marks), estuary guide (with aerial maps), freshwater options in the hinterland and a local boat ramp guide.


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