Yellowfin Bream

YELLOWFIN BREAM (acanthopagrus australis) would be the most prolifically caught species in all our local rivers due to the fact that they are in good numbers and can be caught all year round and they reside in all types of habitats.

Bream can be found in deep holes, beside sea grass beds, under jetties and around bridges as well over broken reef and fallen snags. Bream are not known to be fussy feeders and on most days will take just about any bait put in front of them but fresh cut strips of mullet, garfish or tuna seems to be the way to go especially when it comes to catching the better quality fish.

As with most species these days there is the ever growing trend to pursue these fish on lures and the humble bream is more than willing to strike at an array of well presented artificials. Small hard bodied lures both cast or trolled will work well on the day as will small metal blades and soft plastics.

If it’s a challenge that you are after casting surface lures like poppers and stick baits around good structure can at times provide great visual and hard fighting light tackle sportfishing options.