Sand Whiting

SAND WHITING (sillago ciliata) are also known as summer whiting, yellowfin whiting, bluenose whiting or in good old aussie slang language elbow slappers. Regardless of their long list of names this species is highly regarded for both their fighting ability and the fact that they are rated as being one of the countries finest table fish.

The whiting can be found along our coastal beach gutters as well as all through both the upper and lower reaches of all our local estuary systems.

The best places to target whiting in the rivers is around yabby and worm banks on the run in tide as the flooding tide allows them to forage over the bait grounds. It is no secret that yabbies and bloodworms are on the top of the menu for this species but there is a growing trend in modern times to target them on lures.

Whiting will readily attack small hard bodied minnow lures both cast or trolled as well as being a taker of small soft plastics and even top water lures like poppers worked across the surface in shallow water will draw the attention of this top little battler.