Mangrove Jack

MANGROVE JACK (lutjanus argentimaculatus) is one of our most sought after species as they can grow to a very formidable size but more importantly have the reputation as being the hardest hitter in the rivers.It is hard to explain the power and explosive speed that that this species can strike at when it comes to demoralising lures and baits.

Jacks rely heavily on dense structure the likes of rock walls, snags, bridges and jetties to both provide the perfect launching pad for them to pounce on their poor unsuspecting prey with unmatched aggression. Live bait the likes of mullet, whiting and herring are a top choice for these fish as are fresh cut baits of mullet and tuna. Hard bodied minnow lures and soft plastics also work well provided that the lures are presented very tightly to the chosen structure.

These fish are one species that require the use of heavier equipment as hooking these fish is one thing but stopping them from busting you up in their often barnacle infested homes is another story. The local mangrove jacks are not in massive numbers on the gold coast and tweed heads region and are pretty restricted to our summer months when the water and air temperatures are at their peaks but these fish could be considered the ultimate prize for the anglers lucky enough to do battle with them.