Jew Fish

MULLAWAY or JEW FISH (argsomus hololepidotus) jewies as they are affectionately known have long solid bodies, with the upper body a greyish- green colour with the lower body being silver to grey and have the capacity to grow to a massive 30kg plus.

Long dogged fights with a series of head shaking runs make this fish a very sought after angling species. This fish prefers deep water and seem to be at their peak of their feeding activity on the lead up to the new and full moons around the tide changes.

Jew will readily respond to a variety of live or cut baits as well as a wide selection of both hard bodied minnow and soft plastic lures. As far as targeting this species goes they seem to have an affinity with hanging around the deep entrances of the rivers but in saying this they can often be found  in deep holes well up the rivers especially in times of little rainfall when the salinity levels are high.

To try and land a jewie on light tackle regardless of their size can be a very exciting challenge for all anglers of all levels of ability which make them one of our ultimate sport fishing targets.