GIANT TREVALLY (caranx ignobilis) and BIGEYE TREVALLY (caranx sexfasciatus) are probably best known as being an offshore reef species but they both inhabit the tidal rivers and creeks of the gold coast and tweed heads region. The giant trevally can grow to a massive 60kg plus range while the bigeye can grow to a very formidable 16kg plus but in saying this the juveniles of both these species rarely exceed 6kg in our local waterways. Regardless of the the size both these fish are still highly recognised as being one of our best light tackle sportfish with their blistering first run and then the powerful relentless battle the follows. The trevally seem to prefer turbid water that forms current and eddies that they use to ball up and then smash their way through the bait schools. Trevally are suckers for a well presented live bait or are just as content to strike at an array of different types of both hard bodied minnows and soft plastics. Metal spinners retrieved at speed is another approach as are surface lures and fly.