Dusky Flathead

DUSKY FLATHEAD (platycephalus fucus) is the largest of the flathead family and can reach a maximum size of 12 to 15 kg in weight but fish of this size could be considered extremely rare with fish in the 500gr to 4kg range being more the norm.

This species can be caught in all the rivers and creeks on the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads region on an all year round basis.

Some of the best places to find flathead are around drop-offs, channels, sea grass beds and broken reef bottom areas where they have the ability to change colour and wait on the bottom ready to swoop on any unsuspecting prey.

Flathead will readily take either dead or live baits as well as trolled or cast hard bodied minnows.

Jigging soft plastic lures along the bottom is also a very rewarding technique for targeting this species as is a well presented fly.

In summary the fact that this fish can be targeted all year and can grow to a very respectable size matched with an explosive burst of speed of the mark make them a great light tackle sportfish.