Li’l Mate

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Li’l Mate

$12.95 – Comes in 2 different colours.

This lure dives to approximately 1 meter and has caught over 30 different species of fish. It is approximately 5o mm in length and is an ultra light lure.



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Keith Stratford, a well respected angler in the fishing community, talks about Li’l Mate.

The first time I laid my eyes on a Liʼl mate was on board Brads charter boat. I was a dedicated troller back in those days, so I thought Iʼd book a trip with Brad to improve my technique. It was smack bang in the middle of winter with a stiff breeze blowing up the Tweed river. Brad took us to a little run of his along the Fingal reach. We grabbed a couple of rods with tiny little shallow diving lures attached and we started letting them out.
This was foreign to me, as all of my trolling involved bouncing lures into the bottom. I remember thinking “what are we doing with these funny looking little things in 5 metres of water?” Well my thoughts quickly changed when a 50cm Tailor started cartwheeling behind the boat with that funny little lure in its mouth. A few more Tailor followed along with a couple of big Bream and a Trevally before the sun got too high and the fish went off the bite. I was beginning to take a real liking to these little lures that Brad calls his Little Mates. We continued heading up the Tweed and caught a ridiculous amount of Bream and Flatties by trolling flats, weed edges and snaggy banks all on the same lures.

I couldnʼt believe how many Bream ate these lures and I was starting to wonder what made this little lure so appealing to them. I had trolled just about every type of small hard body through the Tweed for many years and caught very few Bream, but they couldnʼt stop eating the Liʼl Mates.

The next day I went up my local creek where it isnʼt too difficult to nail a few Flatties. A Liʼl mate went out each side of the tinny and within two minutes I had a pair of Bream hanging off the rear treble of each lure. From that point there was always a Liʼl mate in the water no matter where I trolled. It certainly changed the way I fished and more importantly it taught me a lot about fish behaviour that I thought I already knew.

The Liʼl mate is only around 50mm long with a slender body. It only dives to around one metre and is best trolled on light line to achieve the best action. Brad spent a lot of time refining the action of the Liʼl mate so that it could be trolled quickly for pelagics or slowly for other species like Flathead and Bream. It has a tight action and it actually creates a bubble trail when trolled quickly which is irresistible to species like Tailor, Trevally, Queenies, Giant Herring and Tarpon. Itʼs the only diving hard body Iʼve ever used that consistently draws bottom dwelling fish to the surface. Itʼs amazing when youʼre catching good numbers of Flatties in 6 feet of water on a lure that only dives to 3 feet, but thereʼs something about Brads Liʼl Mate that fish canʼt resist.

The list of species that the Liʼl mate has accounted for is mind boggling, with just about every species found in South East Queensland having a chew on one of these lures at some stage.

There arenʼt too many lures out there that can be trolled quickly for pelagics, slowly for fish on the flats and over weed beds or bounced along rock walls for Mangrove Jacks and Estuary Cod. The Liʼl Mate is definitely in a league of itʼs own!

By Keith Stratford, a well respected angler in the fishing community.