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$12.95 – Comes in 4 different colours.

This lure is a real tough battler that dives to 3.0 meters and is designed for Mangrove Jack, Barra, Flathead & Trevally. It has also caught its fare share of offshore pelagics. The body of the lure is approximately 95mm in length.


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Pack Buy – Special Deal

Buy 4 lures for $40, inside the pack will be one of each colour.


Greg Carter, a well respected angler in the fishing community talks about the Diggas.

I first started using Smithy’s Diggas by recommendation from a tackle store owner around 14 years ago to target Mangrove Jacks in SEQ. Over time they proved to be a productive part of my arsenal and accounted for many Jacks and a large variety of other species. I moved to Cairns to pursue a career in guiding in early 2000 and took the Diggas with me, flogging them to near death with most having the majority of paint worn from the lures before eventually losing them all to fish I couldn’t stop. Unfortunately, I could not replace them in Far North Queensland and they became a memory as one of the greatest Jack lures I had ever used.

When Smithy announced the re-release of the Digga in 2013 I was ecstatic and one of the first to put an order in for every colour available. Now I anxiously look forward to spring so I can hit the Jacks with an old school lure that is still cool and one of the most productive I have ever used.

Greg Carter.