A Day Fishing

A day fishing with Smithy’s Charters began over 20 years ago with the objective being to only take a maximum of two people to ensure that all clients receive personalised attention.

With the growing demand for my charters and the reputation that it has acquired I also offer a larger vessel that can comfortably cater for five people with two alternating hand chosen personally trained skippers. This boat caters for small groups and families that are looking for a great day on the water while still maintaining our objective and that is to guarantee that you catch fish and learn the skills on how to get the most out of this wonderful sport.

Educating my clients on the skills and techniques on how to read the conditions and tides whilst catching a wide variety of different fish species on lures is why my operation is unique and held in such high regard.
It is also worth noting that this operation stays in touch and sometimes ahead of any of the evolving advancements in technology, equipment and techniques that are required to ensure that you catch fish.

Often there is a healthy bag of flathead, bream or whiting before lunch. Then as the afternoon and depending on tides again, there might be time for a yabbie slowly drifted down a canal to extract a few ‘resident’ whiting or perhaps a lone trevally cruising the jetties and pylons that frequent the tweed and broadwater canals.

Perhaps your lucky enough to be in the summer months on Brad Smith Charters and be ready to try your hand at the top tiered Mangrove Jacks in the early evening. Hold on though, they pull like nothing else!

Myself and my skippers are very proud of what we do and cherish the opportunity to share our knowledge of the local waterways with beginners to accomplished anglers and for people of all ages.