20 December 2019 fishing report


20 December 2019 🎅🏼🎄

At Tweed River Brad continues to target whiting on MMD splash prawn surface lures with a few bream and trevally in the mix too.

While in the deeper holes that have bait fish in them there is the odd school flathead.

Jack caught 17 fish for the day

Again this week at the Gold Coast mangrove jacks were the highlight. Jack season is firing on all cylinders with the hot days and water temperature hovering around 29 degrees in the middle to upper sections of our local rivers.

One night Anthony and his son Jack came for an evening charter. We first stopped at some smaller canals to throw the cast nets, catching some winter whiting, poddy mullet, bigger mullet, and silver biddies for live bait.

Three jacks ready for release

It was still day light when we got out first jacks and the action continued, we ended up with a big estuary cod measuring 71cm which gave Anthony a tremendous tussle, and three solid jacks, all fish were released after some photos. Young Jack also lost a jack right next to the boat.

Anthony’s monster cod

More mangrove jacks were boated on other nights, with nine red dogs the total caught and released for the week, including Ricky’s first ever jack caught on a charter with his brother.

71cm estuary cod, released

At the Gold Coast broadwater there has been good days with catches of big winter whiting, sand whiting, squid, grassy emperor, squire, and a few flounder. Flathead have been very scarce.

Connor and Matty caught heaps of fish

This week features the lead up to new moon on boxing day, the big morning tides will get the sand crabs active, and a variety of fish. 

Just time it right as there will be strong flow, fish the two hours either side of the tide changes in the main channels, and try up river or along the edges of the channels when it’s flowing strong. 

The jacks are active

Yabbies will work well, as will Ecogear ZX40 blades coated in Sax scent goldprawn, and Samaki Vibelicious 70mm soft vibes.

For mangrove jacks try mullet fillets, live whiting, poddy mullet, and silver biddies fished close to bridge pylons and rock walls, around an hour either side of tide changes is ideal.

Ricky and Curtis with solid mangrove jacks

We wish a very merry, happy, peaceful Christmas and we hope to see you on the water soon.

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