13 December 2019 fishing report


12 December 2019


Hi everyone this week’s report is much the same as last weeks with the highly visual surface fishing producing the results. 

Flathead, bream and whiting as we know are all predominant bottom feeders but by choosing the right lures that skip along the surface like MMD Splash Prawns and Bassday Suga pens these fish will readily rise and explode from the bottom to devour them. 

Mark with a flathead caught on the surface with a splash prawn
whiting are great fun to catch on surface lures

It is also important to choose the correct areas to use this technique which are the shallows that contain a mixture of sea grass and yabbie banks and the Tweed River has plenty of these types of grounds. This is the right time of the year to try this fun technique with the surface fishing being at its absolute best from now right through to April.    

Koby with a thumper Tarpon caught trolling a pontoon 21 crackjack

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Two weeks until Christmas and the summer fishing is in full swing. We have caught ten mangrove jacks so far this season in twelve night trips.

Mangrove jacks have been feeding aggressively at times, and we have been doing well on our evening charters with some big fish boated and released. Most are over 50cm and up to 58cm with bigger fish out there that are hard to stop.

Terry and Brad with two big mangrove jacks

Live whiting is quickly becoming the bait of choice as the season goes on. Winter whiting is best as they have no size limit and are easily caught on Ecogear ZX40 blades and Samaki Vibelicious in the Gold Coast broadwater.

The jacks are firing up

In the broadwater there is variety on offer but not much size out there at the moment, Ben and his nine year old son Fred enjoyed the calm weather on Monday morning. We caught over 30 fish and 14 species, including Winter whiting, Dusky flathead, Flagtail flathead, Tarwine, Squid, Tuskfish, Snapper, Grassy emperor, Spangled emperor, Soldierfish, Blue spotted Stingray, Fantail leatherjacket, Flounder.

Freddy caught 17 fish himself, not bad for a six year old!

Ben and Freddy caught lots of fish in the broadwater

We have been running night charters for mangrove jacks in the mid to lower reaches of the river, timing the tides is crucial to get the bites. No run no fun but too much run no fun either.

Eddie with a nice jack

There are that many big bream in Nerang river at the moment it is insane. The biggest ones of 40cm and over come out at night and are very hungry and in huge numbers.

Steve with his first mangrove jack
Brad with a 58cm jack

Stick to the shallower banks at night with bloodworms and yabbies if you want a feed of big sand whiting. Be prepared to move several times between Budds Beach and Capri to find the feeding schools.

This coming week features the back of the full moon, with big tides in the mornings and smaller tides at night. The mornings will be good for fishing upstream and the nights are good for jacks around Surfers Paradise.

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5 December 2019 fishing report


5 December 2019


The bulk of the success over the past week has come from finding protected areas of the river out of the constant howling Northerly winds and fishing the shallows. 

Fishing the flats with topwater lures such as mmd splash prawns and Bassday sugapens is a ton of visual fun, as you watch the fish smash these lures on the surface. 

Flatties will also rise off the bottom to take a surface lure

Whiting are the main players when it comes to taking surface lures especially now and all through the summer months and they fight hard on light equipment in only a few feet of water. 

Les with a whiting caught on the surface with a mmd splash prawn

Flathead and bream are also players when it comes to crunching lures on the surface. We had a session earlier in the week where the flatties dominated the catch. 

Blake was stoked to catch his first fish on the surface

It is an awesome sight to see when that big bucket mouth of a flattie comes up form the bottom and devours a surface lure.   

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As expected with the hot weather, mangrove jacks are firing up more each week. A lot of bigger 50cm plus fish are getting caught on lures and bait. 

We’ve caught jacks in September, October and November this year so far, and the fishing is only going to get better until April 2020.

Another big jack lands in the net

Leading up to Christmas and January expect this trend to continue, Brad runs lure fishing charters at Tweed and Nerang rivers trolling deep diving lures for jacks, an activity he has made an art form of over many years.

I run Gold Coast afternoon/ evening trips for jacks, using bait and livies. For more info on our mangrove jack charters SMS me on 0432 990 302. Our summer dates are filling fast.

Brody did well to land this 55cm mangrove jack

In the Gold Coast broadwater this coming week neap tides will make it easier to fish, look for areas clear of weed then bait on the fish finder and you’ll find some tuskfish, flathead, bream, tarwine, winter whiting, and sand whiting.

Pump some yabbies with the kids at low tide at the big sand banks near the Western shoreline at Southport and Labrador. Then start fishing with light sinkers and no.4 size bait holder hooks, right near where you pumped the yabbies. 

These areas are often overlooked when boats go racing off to fish elsewhere when the fish are right there on the edges of the banks and channels.

The neap tides will make it easier to fish the lower to mid reaches of the rivers for big mangrove jacks. Up the rivers could be slow on the smaller tides with the lack of run.

There are still a lot of trevally getting about, they’ll feed more aggressively on days when a South or South Easterly wind change pushes through.

Whiting are another species worth targeting on live worms and yabbies during bigger tides leading up to the full moon on 12 December.


28 November 2019 fishing report


28 November 2019


The best fishing is still upstream, whiting are the main target on surface lures with MMD splash prawns the lure of choice. A few bream are also falling for these great looking lures.

James with a topwater whiting

The best chance of catching flathead is by trolling hardbody lures in the 2-4 metre depth range, or teabagging blades and Samaki Vibelicious soft vibes in the deeper holes up Tweed river.

a nice topwater bream

The hot weather will further bring on big mangrove jacks which can be caught on deep diving lures trolled close to structure such as rock walls.



We ventured to the Gold Coast broadwater on Saturday. John Jr shouted his Dad John St a charter for his 75th birthday. The morning started off well until the Northerly wind increased. 

John with a nice flathead caught trolling

We caught a few flathead and whiting on Ecogear ZX40 blades coated in Sax scent goldprawn, then moved up Nerang river to find shelter from the breeze. 

Trolling Pontoon 21 crackjack and Savage Gear 3d xdr shrimps produced a birthday feed of flathead for John. The flathead are very scattered and you have to cover a lot of ground to find them.

The rest of the week we focused on targeting mangrove jacks in the evenings. With the Northerly winds persistent in the broadwater we ventured into the local canals with cast nets to catch winter whiting, silver biddys, and poddy mullet.

Brody with a big jack

We have managed to catch jacks on every charter this week, all fish measured over 50cm and all were released. Mixing up baits pays, like any fishing keep trying different things to find what works. Always hold on tight to your rod, they hit like trains and often there is no warning.

James with a solid mangrove jack

Looking at the week ahead, there looks to be no end to the Northerly winds. The upside is the jacks don’t seem to mind. There is also a lot of big bream around at night up the rivers.

After the new moon on Wednesday the tides will drop away at night with some bigger flow still around in the mornings, which is good lure lure fishing in the estuary middle reaches.

There has been large schools of bigeye trevally feasting on jelly prawns during the run out tides. These guys are terrific fun on light tackle and small lures. Use Mmd splashprawns to match the hatch and get their attention at night with their popping action.

Remember to grab a December copy of the legendary Bush ‘n Beach magazine, the Christmas edition. I’ll be writing monthly articles and like Smithy will always include tips and news to help anglers catch more fish! 

Hope to say g’day to you on the water soon!


Smithy & Clinto

21 November 2019 fishing report



The fishing around the areas close to the Tweed river mouth has been tough due to the huge amount of cornflake weed being carried in by the constant northerly winds that have been blowing. 

The mid to upper reaches of the river is the place to be for success. Casting mmd splash prawns and bassday sugerpen lures across the surface around the shallow flats has provided some great visual action on some whiting and bream. 

This whiting caught on the surface by Nick was being attacked by a huge flattie beside the boat.

We had the opportunity to watch a huge flattie trying to swallow one of the whiting my client was trying to land. The flattie was snapping at the fish all around the boat in about a foot and half of water it was dramatic to watch and shows what mean and aggressive fish flatties can be. Speaking of flathead we have been getting a few but mainly very early in the mornings around the tide changes. 

Try fishing around the very early morning tide changes for the flatties

During this hot weather period the water temperature has been getting a bit too warm for them through the middle of the day.    

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A nice mix of fishing trips this past week for me with some night time jack charters, whiting charters, day fishing up the river for trevally, grunter, flathead and whiting, and a few trips to the broadwater.

Evan with his 41cm whiting

The bigger jacks are firing up more with the water temp exceeding 28 degrees in some places. We have had some monster fish hooked up for guests and soon we will stop one haha.

The summer whiting are not in big numbers yet but there are some decent ones around, our biggest this week was 41cm caught by Evan, who also caught a solid bigeye trevally on a whiting rod with yabbie as bait, the reel was screaming!

Some nice Giant Trevally are hunting baitfish in Nerang river, these bruisers are top fun on light tackle and definitely keep us on our toes. They will try very hard to cut you off on structure including your boat so quick reactions are needed to avoid a bust off.

Moses Perch hit hard

Trolling hardbody lures such as Pontoon 21 crackjacks and Savage Gear xdr 3d 50mm shrimp over shallow sandflats will often result in a savage strike and long sustained run on 6 lb line.

Grunter put up a great fight in the canals

The Ecogear ZX40 blades and Samaki Vibelicious 70mm soft vibes are still working well in 5-7m deep holes for flathead and trevally.

Yuya with his awesome Giant Trevally

This week in the lead up to new moon is a good time to fish the evenings starting nearer the river mouths then doing a milk run following the flow upstream for jacks on live baits and dead bait such as whiting, mullet and silver biddies.

Fish for sand whiting after sunset in the lower to middle reaches with live bloodworms and yabbies which you can buy from The Bait shop at Arundel.

Use no. 4 or 6 baitholder hooks and size 3 or 4 ball sinkers on a 1.5m long 6 lb fluorocarbon trace.

A reminder that we always get fully booked over December and January so get in touch asap to grab your charter.

SMS 0432 990 302

Cheers and see you soon!

Smithy & Clinto

14 November 2019 fishing report


14 NOVEMBER 2019


The conditions this week have been a bit tricky with strong Northerly winds blowing most days and an influx of cornflake weed being pushed in around the river mouths. 

Finding protected areas well upstream allowed us to do some deep and shallow water trolling for some flathead, bream, whiting and a few small Gt’s. When the tidal conditions suited we took advantage of it and started casting some Mmd Splash prawns and caught a few whiting and bream on the surface which was great fun. 

Matt Keane with a nice flathead caught on a Savage gear hardbody lure
Flathead will rise to hit these great surface lures- MMD splashprawns

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people fighting for their lives and properties in the bush fire affected areas.  

We can all help by donating to the Salvo’s bush fire appeal here, we are donating 10% from all sales of our Christmas gift packs.



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Again this week featured mixed wind directions and temperatures. In such conditions we do need to cover a lot of ground to find where the bait and fish are holding to keep our guests entertained.

David and his six year old son Mathew booked a Nerang river charter with me. Matty clearly outfished us, catching 20 fish for the day including some nice whiting, bream, trevally.

Matty with a good whiting at Nerang river, he released all 20 of the fish he caught, what a champ
Matty with a GT taken on a Samaki soft vibe

I like the look of the air temperatures in the week ahead. When the day time rises to around 30 degrees celcius and night time only drops to around 20, the jacks will get more aggressive and fishing for them will be more consistent, as will the fishing for big sand whiting.

The Samaki soft vibes have an awesome range of colours

This coming week has some neap tides at night which opens up more areas downstream to target jacks with live bait, while in the broadwater there will still be some strong run. Get out there early to take advantage or the optimum fishing time.

Let’s hope we get some rain at some point and lighter winds soon to provide some relief to all those suffering from the bush fires.

We are getting heavily booked over December and January.

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Smithy & Clinto


7 November 2019 fishing report


7 November 2019


There are some solid flathead feeding upstream, feeding on bait fish. Small minnow lures and vibes are working best.

Good size flathead at Tweed river

The trevally are still coming through and hunting food in the middle to upper reaches of the Tweed river. Giant trevally are very exciting to hook on light tackle, trolling and casting hardbodies and soft plastics will get strikes.

Giant trevally are great sport fish this time of year in our local rivers

As the water warms the big sand whiting which the Tweed is renowned for are aggressively hitting mmd splash prawn surface lures. In the clear water and sunny days use translucent colour lures in shallow water.

MMD splashprawns are excellent surface lures whiting

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School size flathead keep the kids happy


I took a few days off this week and did some maintenance on the tackle and boat.

The days we did get out were dictated by wind, I’m definitely looking forward to conditions settling into trade wind season soon. 

The strong Northerly and then Southerly winds in the past few days will stir up the water, I can’t wait to get out explore the area once everything calms down. 

Flounder will actively grab Samaki soft vibes

You’ll find the whiting in Nerang river should be feeding hard leading up to full moon next Tuesday, as will mangrove jacks. 

In the Gold Coast broadwater winter whiting will be in good numbers, and some flathead. Surprisingly there is a lot of squid out there at present around moored boats and weedbeds.

Austyn with a squid from Gold Coast broadwater

The best lures to catch all of the above are Ecogear ZX40 blades in non UV colours such as 411, and Samaki Vibelicious 70mm soft vibes in white bait, clear mullet, pearl shrimp, and squid colours.

Gun lures- Samaki Vibelicious 70mm forktail

You can read more about the Samaki vibe colour range and features here:


I have a few jack charters coming up over the next week, as well as broadwater trips. Looking forward to catching and releasing some big ones!

On our most recent jack trip we had one big hit and run on a good size jack but the hooks pulled. It’s a reminder that you will not catch them on every outing, but if you put in the time and effort you will be rewarded sooner or later.

There has been a lot of big bream around at night. It’s when they go quiet that you know the jacks are coming through.


December and January will fill fast, lock in your dates soon. We love to teach!


•Two people max

•Six hour Tweed river or Gold Coast trips

•Lure techniques include surface fishing for whiting, trevally, bream

•hardbody trolling and casting for big flathead, trevally, whiting

•deeper water vibing for flathead, mulloway, whiting.

•Mangrove Jack luring when conditions suit


•private charters for 1-4 people

•fishing Nerang river and Gold Coast broadwater

Techniques include:

•Using Ecogear ZX40 blades and Samaki soft vibes in various depths for a variety of fish and squid

•Bait fishing the broadwater and river

•Live baiting for mangrove jacks

•Trolling and casting for Giant Trevally

•Using bait for big whiting in the evenings


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Smithy & Clinto

31 October 2019 fishing report


31 October 2019


Hi everyone, considering the amount of seriously strong winds this week the fishing was fairly good. 

Both casting and trolling Pontoon 21 crackjack lures across the front of drains and feeder creeks on the run out tides produced some nice school sized flathead and 2 fish over the 70 cm mark. 

Kerrod with a 79 cm flattie ready to be released

Trolling the deeper channels of the river is still consistent for finding some small but hard fighting giant trevally. We played one monster fish for over 40 minutes to unfortunately lose it right beside the boat. 

Small GTs are still smashing our lures in the deep channels like this one caught by Dan

We found protection from the wind in a couple of shallow sea grassed bays on a mixed things up by casting some MMD splash prawns on the surface and cranked some shallow running lil mate lures. This produced a lot of fun with some nice whiting and a lot of bream eager to play the game.       

Mark caught this whiting surface fishing with a mmd splash prawn
Casting lil mate lures around the shallows resulted in good numbers of bream


Well isn’t this year flying by fast! Less than two months until Christmas. Be well organised and keep an eye on our facebook store for special Christmas gift packs coming soon. 

We stock lures and products we are proud to use every day on our estuary charters.

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Some interesting catches on my boat this week includes mangrove jack, mulloway, giant trevally, tailor, flathead, squid, and sand whiting.

Bob with a 50cm Tailor caught on an Ecogear ZX40 blade in the Gold Coast broadwater
35cm whiting on Ecogear ZX40 vibe

Best areas in the broadwater were Labrador and Runaway Bay in the three metre depth. Best time to fish during bigger tides is last two hours of the run out and first two hours of the run in.

Nerang river has been very inconsistent during the daylight hours, due to the long term lack of rain. Fishing structure and doing the miles to find bait schools is the way to go.

Flathead are suckers for soft vibes

This week I’d recommend night fishing for jacks in the upper reaches while the tides are still bigger, then the middles reaches as we move into the neap phase of the moon.

I have been using live baits for jacks but we are getting more hits on well presented dead baits such as mullet and bonito fillets from The Baitshop at Arundel. Use 3/0 to 6/0 Mustad Hoodlum hooks with just enough sinker weight to reach the bottom. 

Jacks will hunt in shallow water in the evenings. Don’t go too light on tackle and line/ leader. The bigger models will smoke you, there are some 70cm plus fish in our local rivers, plus barramundi.

Jacks are firing up

Tim, Steph, Grant, and Soba noodle toy poodle booked a jack trip on Sunday night. We moved spots several times after Tim caught a big bream and tailor, eventually finding his first ever Jack for him way up river on the start of the run out tide. Well done mate!

Tim with his first ever Jack

On a day charter this week Kim, Zoe, and Mikey came fishing in the river and the weather was awesome. Fishing was tough but we did manage a mulloway caught on a Samaki vibelicious 70mm soft vibe in Whitebait colour, and flathead, GT, bream.

Nerang river flathead on Samaki vibe

Nice to get bucket list fish jacks and jew in a matter of days.

Remember dates will book out fast for our peak season over December and January, and the diary is filling fast with evening jack and also big whiting charters in November, so SMS 0432 990 302 soon to avoid missing out.

Brad’s boat takes one or two people and he fishes Tweed and Gold Coast rivers.

My boat takes one to four guests at a time (three maximum on jack and whiting trips)

and I fish Nerang river and Gold Coast broadwater. On the jack trips we first head out to catch whiting on lures, and other livies in the cast net, before heading upstream to target the mighty mangrove jacks. Trips generally run from 2.30pm.


Smithy & Clinto

24 October 2019 fishing report


24 October 2019


This week on the Tweed was much the same as last week with both Giant and Big Eye Trevally on the prowl, and some thumper whiting smashing our lures. 

GT on lure at Tweed river

The trevally have at times been busting up on the surface which has allowed us to cast surface lures at them with the MMD Splash Prawns working well. When the trevally have not been visually spotted we are getting them by trolling Pontoon 21 lures in the deeper channels. 

Lee with a thumper whiting

The whiting have been feeding in the dirtier water where we are getting them on the troll with both Pontoon 21 and Ecogear SX48 minnows, and a few casting Ecogear ZX40’s. In between there are also a few flatties around to mix up the species count on the day. 

A summary of some charter option available on our boats over the next few months:

Brad’s boat fishes Tweed river or Gold Coast broadwater/ Nerang river with 1-2 guests. Brad will be targeting big whiting and other species on surface lures. He’ll also be going after flathead and mulloway in the deeper holes with vibes, trolling the flats for trevally, whiting, flathead, bream. 

When we get some decent rain he will start to hunt big mangrove jacks with trolled deep diving hardbodies. A highly effective form of jack fishing he has made an art of over the years. 

Clint’s boat can accomodate 1-4 guests on day time charters, and 1-3 on arvo/ evening trips livebaiting for jacks.

Options include bait and lure fishing the broadwater for an amazing variety of fish and squid, in the area between Southport and Sovereign Island. 

Also fishing Nerang river and it’s lakes and canals with bait and lures for flathead, big whiting, giant trevally, grunter, mulloway. Morning and evening/ sunset trips available.

Plus afternoon and evening charters available targeting the ultimate estuary bucket list fish, the mangrove jacks!

SMS 0432 990 302 to chat about a custom charter for you.


After some windy days yesterday morning greeted us with a light breeze. I had Jay senior and Jay junior on board and it was great to get back out on the Gold Coast broadwater.

With unfavourable lure fishing conditions to start with we first used beach worms for bait, catching whiting and flounder.

Mixed bag from Gold Coast broadwater

When the tide started running in we switched to Ecogear ZX40 vibes coated in Sax Scent goldprawn, and fished the area from the Seaway to Crab island mainly in the six metre depth zone, catching a variety of fish and getting a feed of flathead, squid, and whiting for the boys from Victoria.

GT caught on glide bait

Best lures for the broadwater now to catch a great mixed bag are Ecogear ZX40 blades in colour 411, 414, and 417 (non UV in clear water and sunny days) and Samaki Vibelicious 70mm soft vibes which come in an incredible range of deadly colours.

Pontoon 21 lures catch a lot of sand whiting

On the other days we fished up the Nerang river, covering the ground and working the tides to catch sand whiting, flathead, giant trevally, grunter, bream, tarwine. 

Steve with a solid 35cm whiting caught trolling a Pontoon 21 lure
This little trevally also fell for a Pontoon 21 hardbody lure

The mangrove jacks slowed down a bit at night with the cooler winds but warmer conditions this week are looking good, especially with the bigger tides leading up to new moon. Whiting will be feeding hard on worms and yabbies when there is flow.

Best fishing is at night in the with the clear water around due to prolonged lack of heavy rain. Try worms and yabbies on a run in tide in the Southport to Capri area.

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17 October 2019 fishing report



Hi everyone wasn’t it great to get a couple of rain showers earlier in the week even though the tweed only got about 25mm. 

Hopefully we might get well over 50 mm plus of rain in the near future and give all our local waterways a much needed flush out. The report this week is much the same as last week with small giant trevally, flatties and a few bream and whiting being the main players. 

10 year old Ethan had a real work out playing this GT
Bream and whiting are feeding in the areas that have pockets of dirtier water
Ethan with a school flathead

The trevally are migrating up and down the river following the the tides and we have been trolling a combination of deep and shallow running lures for the best results on them. Fishing the deep holes with blade lures around the tide changes has worked to pick up a few flatties and fishing the pockets of dirty water when we can find them is the place to find the bream and whiting.  

Steve with one of the flatties he caught


Great to finally see some drenching rain! Not enough but it’s a start.

I’m loving the rising temperatures as it means the jack will keep firing up and so will the sand whiting and various species of hard fighting trevally.

Nathan caught this little Mulloway on an Ecogear ZX40 blade right on the midday tide change

Spots are booking fast for mangrove jack trips in the spring and summer months so contact us asap to secure your date.

The broadwater has been fishing ok on a run out tide with the staples being school size flathead, winter whiting, sand whiting, small squire, queenfish, tarwine, bream, while up the river there has been trevally, big bream, sand whiting, jacks, and the odd mulloway and grunter.

Nathan kept this nice flathead for dinner
Jess, brother Max, and Dad Mark caught some nice flathead on a charter with Clint at Nerang river

Best tips this week is pump yabbies and use on lightly weighted hooks at both the broadwater and rivers, Ecogear ZX40 colours 440 and 411 will catch fish too.

Try mullet, whiting, and bonito or slimy mackerel fillets for jacks around tide changes, near structure, and just after sunset. The Bait shop at Arundel has all the very good quality stocks of the above.

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Smithy & Clinto

10 October 2019 fishing report


10 October 2019

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The water temperature in the river this week rose up 25 degrees on some days which slowed the flatties down a bit. 

The good news is that schools of both giant and big eye trevally were around terrorizing the local baitfish and our lures. Trolling pontoon 21 lures along the middle of the deep channels in the river was the most consistent way for us to find these trevally. 

Tim with his first ever trevally

The warmer water also helped the whiting to start hitting our lures and they will become even more vigorous as we go into our summer months.  

The warmer water is suiting the whiting


The Gold Coast broadwater is still the most consistent fishing area for me. I run charters daily anywhere between Sundale bridge and Sovereign Island. There is always fish and squid to be found somewhere in that area provided the wind is light enough to get out there. 

Again as the drought continues it’s best to fish on a run out tide and deeper areas 6-10 metres when the water is calm and clear.

Ian caught this 58cm flathead in the Gold Coast broadwater

The Northerly winds pushed in cold water from offshore, but the upwelling also moves nutrients around followed by fish which is a boost for us fishermen.

I like to mix up lures to keep it interesting and my favourites are Ecogear ZX40, Pontoon 21 crackjack’s, Samaki Vibelicious, and Strike Pro cyber vibes.

The tuskies are arriving

It’s often hard to go past the Ecogear ZX40’s in the broadwater, they just catch so many fish and squid, and produce results even on slow fishing days. Sax scent goldprawn goes well too with the prawn imitation shape of the ZX’s.

I usually alternate constantly between UV and non UV colours to find out what’s working best for strikes.

The winter whiting seem to be increasing in size and numbers, possibly due to the nutrients entering the broadwater from the Northerly winds upwelling. Flathead are still around and scattered with the average size on our light tackle varying from 30cm to 65cm lately.

There has also been squire, tarwine, bream, flounder, a few tuskfish, and oceanic queenfish falling for teabagged and twerked lures while drifting.

Doug caught this 55cm Giant Trevally in Nerang river on a Savage gear hardbody

Best areas to fish have been between Sovereign and Ephraim, halfway between North and South Currigee, and Labrador to Southport main and Western channel.

I have some specialised mangrove jack trips coming up so hopefully we find and release some more red dogs to add to the early season tally.

This week features the lead up to full moon next Monday, which should fire up the middle to upper reaches of the rivers and creeks. Some good falls of rain are expected this Friday and Saturday, we gratefully take it! This might cool the water for a few days, but after that it’s go time for jacks.

Estuary cod caught trolling in a Gold Coast canal

We now have on sale in our facebook store some of Smithy’s classic lures including L’il mates and Diggas.

Here’s a link to their story and how to use them: 


Smithy & Clinto

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