19 September 2019 fishing report


19 September 2019

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Once again flathead have been the main fish caught on my charters this week, with sand whiting also beginning to appear in numbers again, and they’ll get bigger and more numerous over the warmer months.

Flathead this time of year are commonly around the 40-60cm size with the odd bigger girl amongst them

Until we get heavy rain the middle to upper reaches are the best areas to fish. Trolling finesse lures such as Pontoon 21 crackjack and Ecogear SX48 minnows over sandbanks at high tide early in the morning will always get strikes from a variety of species including flathead, whiting, trevally and bream.

Whiting are increasing in number as the water warms

I have begun surface fishing over my super banks with MMD splashprawns and Bassday Sugapens. This exciting and visual form of fishing will provide my clients with plenty of thrills through spring and summer.

Glassy conditions to start the day


I have been running some charters this past week up the Nerang river, and in the Gold Coast broadwater as far North as Sovereign island.

We are noticing the continuing effects of lack of heavy rain for months now, with the estuary systems needing a reset and flush. We can’t do anything about the weather, so we have to work even harder to find fish daily for our guests. 

Sherry visiting from Texas with a healthy flathead caught on Ecogear ZX40 blade banana prawn colour

Neutral and non UV colour lures are working best, such as Ecogear ZX40 in 411 colour code, and more transparent soft vibes. Painting the belly of this lure red with a bit of nail polish provides good contrast in the water to catch a hunting fish’s eye.

Using proven go to lures on our charters certainly helps, and usually ensure some keepers for dinner.

Michael with a nice bream

Bigger numbers of fish are hard to come by up Nerang river but there are some nice flathead around the bait schools in the far upper reaches, and grunter, trevally, whiting, bream. Fishing at night is the best option at council chambers for a feed of whiting.

Michael with a 35cm whiting

In the broadwater dusky flathead, bartail flathead, flounder, sand whiting, winter whiting, squid, squire, bream, tarwine and small queenfish dominate the daily catch.

Every day is very different and you need to keep moving to find fish, a lot of them are holding in the 5 to 8m depth range. Try the deeper areas around the tide changes then move to the shallower areas when it starts running.

Water temperature is creeping up which should see mangrove jacks become more active, and trevally and bigger tuskfish as well.

Some great months of fishing ahead, especially when we get some rain!


Smithy & Clinto

12 September 2019 fishing report


12 September 2019


The strong winds that have been blowing over the past few days have been enough to blow the milk out of your coffee and have unfortunately helped the tragic bushfires raging in our Hinterland. 

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to the people along the range that have lost homes and property and the emergency services that are fighting a dangerous battle to try and control this devastating blaze. 

Don and Jason’s jack!
Don and son Jason both caught the same jack on two different lures!

On the water I often take advantage of the wind especially finding shallow areas where the wind is blowing hard against the tide as this rough area rolls the bottom over and discolours the water which I call stirring the pot. The flatties and bream in the Tweed over the past few days have been smashing the vibes and hard bodied minnows in this agitated water. 

Don with a nice Giant Trevally caught on a Pontoon 21 crackjack lure on a charter with Smithy at Nerang river

On the flip side I have had to find some calm water out of the wind to fish the deep holes where we caught some flatties and small jewies.       

Jewie on Strike Pro blade


As Smithy said we are thinking of those affected by the bushfires, and we are donating to help, hope you can too. Let’s hope we get some rain soon to settle everything down.

This week the wind has forced us to fish upstream and it has not been easy, the GT’s are making a welcome appearance.

55cm GT caught at Nerang river on Atomic 75 shiner lure
Good size GT slammed a lure at Nerang river

The next few months are prime time for these brutal speedsters, and other species of trevally. They provide nailbiting fun on light tackle! Awesome fish.

GT action!

My charters up Nerang river have also provided some school size flathead, bream, grunter, and whiting. There are small patches of bait way upstream as expected with the lack of rain.

Hoony with a solid grunter caught on blade at a Gold Coast canal

When the wind drops I will be eager to get out to the deeper reef in the broadwater again, to find flathead, squid, whiting, tuskfish, flounder, squire and many more for my charter guests. School holidays are coming soon so book your charter asap to avoid missing out.

The warmer weather coming next week will see the mighty mangrove jacks become more active. Nothing matches these magnificent fish for excitement.

Your best bet in the clear water will be to fish in the early mornings and evenings around the tide changes, getting your lures or baits in close to structure such as bridge pylons, drains, rock walls, pontoons, and moored boats.

There is no better bait for the Nerang river than live winter whiting, which we catch on lures for our mangrove jack charters over the warmer months. Strips of mullet are also a good bait. 

See the top of our facebook page for details about early season jack charters and our competition to win a jack trip for you and a mate.

Also remember to browse our facebook shop for our go to lures and packs, and if you have a custom order, message us and we’ll be glad to help.

Hope to say g’day on the water soon.


Smithy & Clinto

5 September 2019 fishing report



This week the Tweed river has been fishing pretty much the same as it has for the past month. The good old flatties have still dominated the catch rate and are taking our lures in both the deep holes and trolling the flats and channel edges. 

The good news is that we managed to pick up quite a few Jewies that were also lurking in the holes. Some of the jew were only small but there were a couple of good fish over the 70cm mark that really stretched our light equipment. 

Some nice Jewies for the boys

Fishing the holes around the tide changes with a combination of Ecogear ZX40 and Strike Pro cyber vibes did the job on these fun fish.   


A great week weather wise and a mix of success with the fishing improving after the new moon.

I headed up Nerang river last Friday and it was slow going and glassy conditions, only managing some flathead, queenfish, and bream. The river needs a big flush and with the long range forecast of a hot, dry Spring, it will take some big storms or a cyclonic low to dump much needed rain in the catchments.

The broadwater is the place to be with so much variety on offer out there. Norm, Trish and Sal came out for a family fish yesterday. The weather was near perfect, almost too good, so we stuck to fishing the deeper reef and sand areas around the 5 to 7 metre mark.

Bigger tides mean we have to accurately time where we fish, within an hour of the tide changes provides the best bite period. Setting the correct drift speed and angle is crucial to catching 30 plus fish in a session. Dabbing some SAX scent on the lures every 30 minuted helps the return bite when they don’t hook up on the first strike.

We caught some really nice flounder, squid, winter whiting, flathead, bream, queenfish, and Trish caught and released this extremely unusual fish pictured below.

We think it is an Elegant Sand Diver, unheard of around these parts and usually found in parts of the Northern great barrier reef and Western Pacific!

Elegant sand diver

On Tuesday the action picked up in the afternoon, return guests Alf and Ricky enjoyed a productive session with a good number of flathead to 61cm, squire, and winter whiting caught on lures fished both shallow and deep.

Ricky with a 61cm flathead

This coming week sees a return to smaller day time tides so it’s best to focus your efforts close to the river mouths and work the deep water around the slack water. The snot weed will become annoying on the last half of the run out tides. Keep moving to areas that are clear of it.

Night time is the go if you’re chasing bigger sand whiting and mangrove jacks as the water temperatures begin to rise. 

September onwards we start to get heavily booked every year, get in touch to lock in your private charter guaranteed to catch fish on lures.

Eric with a nice flattie

Brad’s boat takes two guests maximum and he fishes Tweed and Gold Coast estuaries. My boat takes four guests maximum and I fish Nerang river and Gold Coast broadwater.


Smithy & Clinto

29 August 2019 fishing report


29 August 2019


Once again the flatties have dominated the catch rate this week through the middle reaches of the river. 

We have not caught any monsters but lots of good quality fish in the 45 to 60cm range have been caught and released to fight another day. 

Trevor caught this nice flathead trolling a Pontoon 21 crackjack

The large amount of flathead has allowed us to mix the day up with different lures and techniques. Fishing the deeper holes with a combination of Ecogear ZX 40 and Strike Pro vibes has worked well with the best bite coming from the deep water on the first of the run out tides. 

Todd with a nice flattie caught trolling

It is fantastic to be fully stocked with Pontoon 21 crackjack lures again as these are my favourite trolling lures and have been for many years. 

Trolling these lures around the shallows has produced great numbers of flathead this week with the odd whiting smashing them as well which is a sign that the water temperature is slowly starting to rise.     


School size dusky flathead and flounder dominated the catch on my charters this week, and we also caught squire, winter whiting, sand whiting, bartail flathead, the odd squid, tarwine, bream, and tailor.

Alex’s flathead release video
Alex with his pb 64cm flathead caught on a charteuse colour vibe lure
Brag mat shot of Alex’s flattie

The squid, winter whiting and tailor have not been around in big numbers this week. I catch squid all year round in the Gold Coast broadwater so I’m sure they’ll be back. I suspect like the winter whiting they have moved out of the seaway in search of food. 

They’ll be back at some point, probably when some decent rains rejuvenate the system. Tailor have mostly remained on the offshore reefs for the same reason.

Lots of flounder around

Water temperature is hovering around 20 degrees in the Nerang river this week. 

Snapper on Ecogear ZX40 vibe

One important thing to remember with fishing is that fish have their bite periods when they switch on or off. Don’t be in too much of a rush to move spots if there is bait and fish around but no action yet with slack tide.

Often fish will start feeding just as the tide starts running then feed for an hour or two and shut down again. If you’re on the move you may just miss that hot bite.

Perfect weather on a Monday

This coming week finally sees bigger daytime tide co efficient around the new moon. It seems like we have been stuck for months in the same pattern of small daytime tide ranges and larger night time ranges.

What this will mean is hotter but shorter bite periods, you will need to be in the right place at the right time, then carefully consider your next move.

I will probably be fishing North of the seaway area around tide changes then focusing on the middle reaches of the rivers, or the extreme Western and Eastern edges of the broadwater where the tide doesn’t flow as hard.

Charter options in the coming months with Brad will include targeting flathead, trevally, and mulloway in the deeper holes with vibes, shallow water trolling for flathead and others, surface luring for whiting, and chasing mangrove jacks on lures.

On my charters options will include hunting mulloway, trevally and flathead with vibes and trolling deeper divers, live baiting for jacks, big sand whiting on bait, broadwater fishing with blades and yabbies for a large variety of great eating quality reef and estuary fish, including tuskfish, squid, flathead, flounder, winter whiting and many others.

In our facebook store at the moment we have available River to Reef Gold Coast books, Ecogear ZX40 vibes in colours 440 (my favourite), 415, and 442.

We also have Sax scent goldprawn, Pontoon 21 crackjack 48 SP DR in colours bloody tiger prawn (Brad’s number one flathead trolling lure), green tiger prawn, bleeding tiger prawn, spanish red, plus Ecogear SX48F in colours 303, 517, 525 which are very nice trolling lures for flathead.

I’m putting together a special flathead classic pack, keep an eye out for it coming soon to our facebook store.

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Smithy & Clinto

22 August 2019 fishing report


22 August 2019


Hi guys, there is no doubt that the old saying “August is the windy month” is true with Westerlies being the dominant wind . 

In saying this we have had some great weather and the water temperature is on the rise which means i will be starting to do a bit more surface lure fishing in the near future. 

Flathead continue to dominate the daily catch

We have had the odd bream rise and take the MMD splash prawns and Bassday Sugapens but no luck at this stage getting a whiting or flattie to rise off the bottom. They will with the oncoming summer months. 

The mound showing on the bottom is all small baitfish. This is what you want to find for success on flatties and jewfish

The most consistent results have still been coming from trolling the shallows and fishing the bait schools in the deeper holes for flatties. We did get on to a school of trevally, queenfish and tailor over the weekend.

Queenfish caught on Ecogear ZX40 blade colour 447

Although they were all very small they did provide some fun on light gear. To catch these juvenile size fish is a healthy sign for the waterway with the big giant trevally usually arriving and destroying the bait population from October onwards.         


I noticed the average water temp increasing this week and more bait fish present in the Gold Coast broadwater.

It looks like jack season will start early and  be a good, long one, especially if we get some decent amounts of rainfall in Spring.

Ecogear ZX40 colour 447 works very well in deeper water. This fish came out of 6m depth

We have been catching tailor, flathead, flounder, the odd squid, bream, tarwine, squire, and a few tuskfish on our charters this week. Our guests have enjoyed keeping a few for dinner, flathead, whiting, squid, and flounder are all delicious to eat.

Dennis with a nice flathead from the Gold Coast broadwater

Best lures have been Ecogear ZX40 colours 440, 447 and 415, as well as Zerek fishtraps in Fat Betty and Olive Guppy colours. It pays to smear a drop of Sax scent goldprawn over your vibes to attract that return bite when fish miss the hooks.

Solid tailor on Ecogear ZX40 lure

The most consistent spot has been the area between South and North Currigee along South Stradbroke island, in the early mornings.

An effective technique when the flathead are spread out like they are now is shallow water trolling. This helps firstly get a few fish on the boat, and secondly if they are schooled up it helps you find “nests” of feeding flathead. You can then stop and cast at them with lures.

Using minnow hardbody lures, tap over and around sandbanks in 0.5 to 2.5m depth at a speed of less than 2 knots. 

Pontoon 21 crackjack 48 SP DR and Ecogear SX48 lures are as good as any at smashing flathead, we have both these lures available in packs at our facebook store here:


We use these particular go to colours every day on our Gold Coast and Tweed river fishing charters.

If you’d like a custom order put together get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

The coming week features neap tides so it’s best to focus efforts near the river mouths where there’ll be more run. The reef area between wavebreak island and the Southern end of South Stradbroke island near the seaway is a good spot in these conditions, for snapper, bream and flathead.

Smithy and Simon got a fresh feed from the broadwater

Also try along both edges of the main channel between the seaway and Crab island, and on the edges of weedbeds around Crab island.

Call Smithy 0419 028 704 to book your charter guaranteed to catch fish on lures!

Cheers and chat next week,

Smithy & Clinto

15 August 2019 fishing report



*Brad’s boat has had a late cancellation for this Sunday, message us asap to grab the opportunity with fish the peaceful Tweed river with him chasing mulloway, flathead and more on lures.

Well what a cold and windy period we have been through earlier in the week with the area getting some of the arctic blast in our Southern states. 

The fishing and the conditions were very tough with wind as well as water temperature and barometer drops. The great news is that as from today and right through until next week the weather is looking fantastic with the water temperature and the barometer already starting to rise. 

Young Kane was stoked catching his first ever flathead which took a trolled Pontoon 21 crackjack in shallow water

The wind made conditions very hard to do much deep water jigging earlier in the week so trolling a combination of deep and shallow running lures around the mid to upper reaches of the river was the way to go. Some flatties, bream and the odd whiting was caught on the troll with the majority of the fish favouring the shallow warmer stretches of the river. 

John caught this flattie trolling in shallow water with an Ecogear SX 48 minnow

Now that the weather has come good I will be able to mix it up with some deep water jigging for some jewies around the tide changes as there are good schools of baitfish showing on the sounder in the deep holes. Deep water jigging under these bait schools should also produce some flatties as well and hopefully some nice bream and the odd tailor. 

I also intend to start doing some surface fishing for some bream and maybe a couple of early season whiting of the shallows. 

I have noticed that the commercial crabbers have been doing well all week which was a surprise given the water temperature drop so it might be worth taking a pot with you and see if you can nail a nice mud while you are fishing. 


A cold snap earlier in the week made it a challenge to find actively feeding fish early in the mornings.

Typical winter days warm up nicely here with light winds as the Westerlies drop. The fish have been coming on the bite as the week goes on, especially as the barometer rises again.

I’m finding a lot more bait fish are now present in the broadwater everywhere from the spit to Ephraim island, resulting in catches of big flounder, dusky flathead, bartail flathead, sand whiting, winter whiting, squire, tarwine, bream, grassy sweetlip, and a few squid.

Shannon with a legal sized broadwater flathead

Simply look for bait on the fish finder and drift with it, changing lure colours until you crack the code on the day.

The mid size tides have made it possible to fish the deeper areas, which helps when the water is clear. On the run out tide there has been some slightly discoloured water running along the inside of South Stradbroke island.

Shannon came fishing on Wednesday along with Ryan, Cam, and Kadin, and what a lovely day weather wise, with about 30 fish caught and loads of laughs.

Kadin with a pan size flathead caught near South Stradbroke island on an Ecogear ZX40

This helps predators such as flathead ambush their prey at close range, and it’s in these areas you’ll find nest of fish feeding, ideally with a water temperature of around 18 degrees.

If you’re keen on chasing Tarpon they’re still around, you’ll find then near the seaway and along the main channel running North.

I’ve left the Nerang river alone this week to give it a break as it has been slow, and taken advantage of the good weather to fish the broadwater. Week days have been very pleasant out there. 

Best lures this week: Ecogear ZX40 in colours 415 and 440 with Sax scent goldprawn smeared on them, Gulp Crabby in camo colours. Yabbies are catching plenty too.

We have some stock just arrived including some newly released Ecogear SX48 colours, available in our ultimate pro pack:


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Till next week!


Smithy & Clinto

8 August 2019 fishing report


8 August 2019


The on going great winter weather continues with cool clean morning starts and warm windless days. 

Not a lot has changed from last weeks report and the flathead are still dominating the catch rate. Being in the right spot around the tide changes is the time that really triggers their feeding instinct. A pattern that is not uncommon for all our species. 

Another stunning day on the Tweed River, NSW, with Mt Warning as the backdrop. Thanks Jason for taking the pic.

The deeper holes in the rivers are producing the odd nice size tailor and very small school jew but these little guys still go well on light line. The slight increase in water temperature has also allowed us to have a bit of fun chasing some bream on surface lures on Bassday sugapens and MMD splash prawns. 

Pat took this photo of Nick with a nice flathead caught on lure

The water is very clear in the river at present so very natural coloured lures are working the best with Ecogear SX48’s in the 303 colour and Pontoon 21 crackjacks in the threadfin colour producing the best results. 

Jen caught some mackerel trolling Ecogear SX48 lures on a charter with Brad at Gold Coast broadwater

You can buy all our go to lures via our facebook store, see below for the link.


Neap tides this week meant less run less fun. I had to cover a lot of kilometres to find fish for my guests on our estuary fishing charters. Typical beautiful winter weather has made for some very pleasant days out on the Gold Coast broadwater.

Flathead tended to start feeding later in the day, and the large schools of winter whiting have moved out to the open ocean to find food.

Little Mulloway on Ecogear ZX40

There has been a distinct lack of bait fish in the ultra clear water, apart from white bait. As the old saying goes “match the hatch” and try Strike Pro blades, Zerek fishtraps in Olive Guppy colour. 

Ecogear ZX40 blades in colour 440 and 411 have still been working well (everything eats prawns) and throwing out a small Gulp in peppered prawn colour on 1/6 oz jighead and while drifting works a treat for flathead.

Ecogear ZX40 lures shown under the light of a UV torch

There has been a few nice flathead, bream, sand whiting in the canals,

 and the odd small mulloway up the river, while at the broadwater flathead can be found at the Aldershots, on the eastern side of Crab island, Anglers Paradise, and upriver from TSS on the western side.

The rest of the catch in the broadwater has consisted of flounder, squid, and winter whiting. Water temperature is hovering around 19.5 degrees. After this next cold snap it could be an early start to mangrove jack season. Let’s hope we get early spring rain to give the creeks and river systems a desperately needed flush out.

Danie and Gert caught some winter whiting, squid, flounder, flathead on a broadwater trip

This coming week with the continuation of small daytime tides leading up to full moon on Thursday, when the wind allows try the deeper water west of Wavebreak island and down the sides of the channel towards Crab island. 

Jewie on ZX40 blade

Also worth a cast for flathead in shallow water where they are sunning themselves and feeding. Good places are the edges of mangroves and on top of shallow sandbank, then move to the channels as the tide recedes.

Look for signs of activity such as patches of bait and arch shapes for bigger fish on the fish finder, if the tv is blank keep moving slowly. Don’t drive over fish to find fish.

Yabbies will work well on lightly weighted traces with no.4 Mustad baitholder hooks.

If you’d like to book a private charter with us to experience this beautiful time of year on our local waterways SMS 0432 990 302 to discuss.

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Smithy & Clinto

1 August 2019 fishing report


1 August 2019


Well everyone this amazing run of great weather continues to flow as are some consistent catches on my Tweed river charters.

Some of the deep holes in the river have an abundance of bait holding in them at present which is perfect for deep water jigging with vibes. The vibes are a perfect match for these baitfish which are small fish the likes of juvenile herring. 

You can see how vibes work so well as they match the baitfish in the river at present. We have a new colour vibe arriving to match the bait to perfection.

Ecogear VX40 vibes and Strike Pro cyber vibes are doing the trick on the flathead, bream and small jew feeding on the bait in these holes. Trolling the edges of the channels on the run out tide with Pontoon 21 crackjacks and Ecogear SX48 minnows are producing flathead and the odd thumper tailor. 

Richard with a cracker flattie caught trolling an Ecogear SX48 minnow.
There is the odd good tailor around like this one caught by Dan

GOLD COAST by Clinto

Fresh starts and sunny days have dominated this week on our Gold Coast estuary charters, with some rain on the horizon in coming days. There won’t be much though and cloudy days can provide good fishing, the fish seem to feed more aggressively in such conditions.

Robyn caught this nice flathead in the canals on an Ecogear ZX40 blade colour 440

This coming week sees some very large night time tides around the dark new moon, too much run really for fish to feed comfortably. All this should mean some productive day time fishing!

The water generally is very clear at the moment, and the Nerang river is lacking bait. I’d suggest the best areas to chase flathead are around Rat Island, the Aldershots, Tipplers Passage, and the bedrooms. Take advantage of the absence of snot weed before it starts blooming in Spring.

If you’re chasing squid there are still plenty around Seaworld, Lands End, and Currigee. The winter whiting are getting bigger and thicker too.

We have still been catching some solid sand whiting up the river on bait, a few 45-55cm flathead, plus some bigger bream.

Steve with a river flathead caught on a Pontoon 21 crackjack lure in thread fin shad colour

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Cheers, if you see us on the water say g’day!


25 July 2019 fishing report



It has been a week of great weather and a massive work load finding flatties for our guests, and helping train visitors from the United Kingdom and Sweden, here to compete in the World Hobie Bream tournament on the Gold Coast. 

Richard was stoked with his first flattie caught trolling a pontoon 21 in threadfin colour.

The flatties are still fishing well in the deep holes on blades and are taking our trolled lures over the shallow warmer water. 

We have been training our bream tournament anglers on how to fish rockwalls and jetties but the most fun and best results came from cranking shallow running lures over and around the seagrass beds. 

Mike with a solid 37cm bream from Tweed river

We also caught bream on surface lures in the same area which is always great visual fun.

GOLD COAST by Clinto

On our Gold Coast broadwater charters we have found the fish are moving around a lot searching for food, which has forced us to cover a lot of kms to find them some days.

They may be in one area one day and gone the next. As always if you don’t spot activity on the fish finder keep moving.

Inevitably the bites will come if you find patches of bait.

A nice broadwater Tuskfish caught on Ecogear ZX40

The water is very clear at the moment so it may pay to fish areas like the Aldershots and Tipplers channel to find bigger and more flathead. They’ll be there in the more discoloured water ambushing baitfish to feed themselves up before breeding season

There have been a lot of 40-45cm flathead in the Currigee area at South Stradbroke island, as well as big winter whiting up to 28cm, flounder, squid, bream, tarwine, and a few Tuskfish.

Harry from Florida, USA had a ball catching big winter whiting

The Nerang river is getting harder to find numbers of fish due to lack of bait, but we did manage some good whiting, flathead, and a nice Mulloway caught by Rebecca on a charter with James.

Rebecca with her first ever Mulloway caught on an Ecogear ZX40 lure and released after a quick pic

This weekend sees the good weather continue, the best time to fish the broadwater at the moment is between two hours before low tide and two hours after.

Use natural and transparent lures, for a reaction strike from fish. Flashy lures stand out too much and fish will hesistate.

On slow days trolling over long distances works well to keep the scoreboard ticking over.

We are expanding our facebook shop so keep an eye on it for updates, with packs containing our go to lures, and the River to Reef Gold Coast book:


To book your private charter, guaranteed to catch fish on lures, call Smithy on 0419 028 704

18 July 2019 fishing report



G’day everyone well winter is certainly upon us with Coolangatte Airport registering 0 degrees early Monday so dress warm on the water. 

The good news is that after the chilly early morning starts the days warm up, and the fish are on the bite. 

Little Jewfish caught on Ecogear ZX40

The deep holes are producing some nice sized bream and small jew on the zx40 and strike pro vibes providing you find the holes that are holding bait. 

There is always a chance of catching a nice whiting in winter like this one caught by Dave

We have also been catching a few flatties in the deep holes but the best results have been coming from trolling pontoon 21 crackjack and greedyguts lures in the warmer shallower water around the top of the tide.

GOLD COAST by Clinto

This week the chilly weather has not stopped the fish biting, with sessions at Nerang river producing 20 plus Sand whiting at times, as well as school size flathead and the odd 50-60cm fish.

Alexander with a pair of 50cm flathead caught on a charter with Dad Alaeddin

The whiting have been quite big and fat, which goes to show how well fed they are locally! Best bait for them if you can’t get bloodworms is servo prawns. 

Use a light leader, no.4 size Mustad baitholder hook, a light sinker just enough to hold bottom. Break the head off the prawn then slide the hook through the tail and carefully through the body then out the other end. Slide the prawn up the leader until it sitting straight and streamlined on the hook. Then drift in areas where there is some tidal flow. 

Terry and Raylene with dinner from the Nerang river

The broadwater has been a bit quiet around the full moon and clear water. The bigger tides have been at night, which could be when the fish are feeding more aggressively. 

There are bream and tarpon at the seaway but the better eating species such as flathead are best targetted at Southport, Lands End, Wavebreak Island, and Paradise Point.

The Tarpon are terrific sportfish and have been busting up on baitballs every day this week, mostly near the canyon off the Northern wall of Wavebreak island.

A big Arrow squid caught in the Gold Coast broadwater on an Ecogear ZX40 colour 440

The squid are still plentiful on the North Western side of Wavebreak island, Lands End, and South Currigee.

We will have some lure packs back in stock very soon, watch our facebook shop for updates as it will sell out quick.


Smithy & Clinto

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