The story of Brad Smith’s lures and how to use them

Smithy’s lures

Here’s a short guide to using Smithy’s legendary L’il mate and Digga lures.


This little gem of a lure dives to approximately 0.5 to 1 metre and has caught over 30 different species of fish. It is 50 mm in length and is an ultra light lure.

Best used trolling over shallow sand and weed banks, or cast and retrieved either medium roll or twitch and pause near structure, with ultra light line and leader (2-6 lb)and tackle over the same areas.

It comes in a set of four colours and will fool plenty of big whiting and bream.


A versatile weapon that has slayed it’s fair share of mangrove jack, barramundi, monster flathead, giant trevally, estuary cod over many years, and anything else that hunts baitfish such as mullet and whiting.

Trolled around drop offs and snags it will dive 3-4 metres or more if using 12 lb PE 0.6 braid and 20 lb leader.

You can also cast and retrieve this lure at structure such as pontoons, moored boats, bridge pylons, and rock walls. Either with a constant medium speed retrieve, slow roll, or burn and pause.

Over shallow areas such as yabby banks and weed beds experiment with the above tactics for monster flathead.

At a price that won’t leave you in tears when you get smoked by a beast or snagged, these bad boys are a must have in the tackle box. They also come in a 4 colour pack.

If you are encountering big jacks it is advised to upgrade the trebles.

They are now available for sale here:

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