8 June 2018 fishing tips and report

This week’s tip:

While using lures such as blades and vibes, it doesn’t hurt to rub on some scent such as S Factor.
Keep a tube in your pocket and every 30 minutes at least apply more. We find it does make a difference, at the very least if a fish hits and misses they are more likely to return for a more aggressive second bite.

The scent will let off a faint berley trail too while you’re drifting, further helping your cause in getting fish to find your lure.

If you use a vibe with a good strong but fine vibration, even better, improving your catch numbers, sizes and hook up rate.

Gold coast calm water fishing report:

Right on cue as the same time as last year, the bigger flathead are starting to school up. Firstly they’ll be up the rivers feeding and fattening up, then as spring approaches they will gather in numbers around the river mouths ready to spawn. Of course at any given time smaller resident flathead can be anywhere, so always expect the chance of lizards where you are, especially if there is ample bait showing on your fish finder.


Like the Mulloway they function well in cooler water around 20 degrees. Any sharp cool changes though and it may pay to start later in the morning to give them a chance to warm up and start feeding.

We encountered some healthy fish in the Broadwater and Nerang river in the last week, with fish 50-60cm and above common. Most were carefully handled and released to fight another day. Four year old Lucas and his Parents Mae and Shaemus, had an eventful session with Lucas catching a 62cm flathead, great effort by the young fella. They kept one nice fish for a feed and released the rest. Lucas also caught some nice Sand Whiting.

At Tweed river it’s still fishing well with Smithy getting amongst the Mulloway, flathead, and bream on Hurricane blades and Zerek Tango shads.

The big bream and tailor have not entered the rivermouths in good numbers yet but the time is drawing close .

Lucky there is still plenty of flathead on the bite in all the rivers and creeks at present along the east coast.


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Smithy & Clinto

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