3 May 2019 fishing report


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Similar to last weeks report with the mid to upper reaches of the river still producing the goods. 

Flathead are taking vertically jigged vibe lures in the deeper holes and are responding to trolled Pontoon 21 lures Australia crackjack and osp dunk lures trolled over the shallows and along the edges of the banks. 

Brad with a 76cm dusky flathead caught and released, a Pontoon 21 crackjack lure tempted this fish

We are still getting the odd jewie as well around the tide changes on vibes and plastics and juvenile giant trevally are giving our light tackle a work out with their powerful bursts of speed.

Joe with a nice Giant Trevally that took an Ecogear ZX40 vibe


Typical for this time of year with the change of season, variable weather and hot and cold fishing sessions.

This should settle from now on as we enter the cooler months, lower night time temperatures transferring to cooler water in our rivers.

Flathead in particular we find start to increase in size and number as the water cools and they leave their spawning grounds and migrate up rivers to feed.

Han with a big and fat flathead caught on an Ecogear vibe then released after a quick photo

There has been good variety of great eating fish in the broadwater this week but it pays to move around constantly and slowly to find fish, as they are always moving with the tides to find food.

We have been catching some beautiful tuskfish this week as well as flathead up to 76cm, squid, big flounder, winter whiting, sand whiting, bartail flathead, tarwine, and bream up the back canals at Benowa.

A delicious feed from the Gold Coast broadwater, bartail flathead, squid, and winter whiting

The 415 yabbie looking colour in the Ecogear ZX40 vibes have been getting a lot of hits in the clear water. 

The trick is to find areas that hold bait fish or jelly prawns which show up as patches or scattered dots on the fish finder. Then drift at no faster than 1 knot and no slower than 0.4 knots to achieve best results.

If the drift is otherwise you need to move elsewhere straight away to get the best wind vs tide angles.

Best areas this week have been Southport, the spit, Hollywell, and North Currigee.

There has been some bigger fish in Nerang river but low in numbers.

Brad and Steph with some reef fish caught on lures

Book a charter with us to demonstrate how, where and when. Yabbies also work extremely well in the broadwater with the correct technique.

This coming weekend and week we pass the new moon phase which is a good period to target jewfish in the deeper holes. 

They are a real bucket list fish like mangrove jacks and it’s such a thrill to see their silver colour coming up on the end of a line then releasing them after a quick photo.

We have caught all our jewies lately on Ecogear Australia ZX40 lures smeared in SAX scent goldprawn with 1-4 kg rods, 1000 or 2500 size reels, 6 lb braid, 10 lb fluorocarbon leader.

You’ll also get bycatch of big flathead and bream while chasing jew.

Ecogear ZX40

Remember to retie the lure end of your leader after a big flattie as they will rough it up and weaken it.

Also remember to keep a fairly light drag when using Ecogear vibes or a big fish will snap the hooks or leader.

Cheers and have an awesome weekend, get out there and enjoy our magnificent waterways.

Very limited dates available in the next 6 weeks, get in touch to secure your private charter guaranteed to catch fish.

Smithy & Clinto

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