3 August 2018 fishing tips & report

This week’s fishing tip:

Like a lot of things in life, fishing is about persistence. When things aren’t going your way, it’s easier to give up and go home.

Everyone has bad days and sometimes the fishing is slow no matter what you do. But if you stay calm and focus on cracking the code every time you head out fishing, you’ll make your own luck.

Sometimes a change of tactic is required, other times a change of location. Just because a tactic worked the previous day, does not mean it will work again the next.

We’ve had sessions at Tweed river where it felt like you could do no wrong, drifting along a 2km stretch of water produced seemingly countless big whiting and flathead caught and released.

The next day the thinking was to repeat the process, only to discover not a single bite in the vicinity.

A good tip is think of the whole river as a hotspot, fish can be feeding almost anywhere. Changing location doesn’t necessarily mean racing at full speed 5kms away either.

Stay composed, take your time, and search for bait schools on the fish finder. The predatory fish might only be hundreds of metres away from where you are not getting any action.

It pays to have an array of tactics at your disposal too depending on the season. Some estuary tactics we employ on our charters include drifting shallow flats with vibes and soft plastics, teabagging in deeper areas with lures, trolling sandflats with hardbodies, surface fishing casting with poppers and walk the dog lures to name a few.

Keep learning new techniques and work hard at it, and buy decent gear, cheap junk is false economy.

Fishing report:

Tweed river:

The pan size flathead catches once again have continued this week for Brad with the peak of the action concentrated lead up to full moon and a few days after. The bigger winter bream and spawning tailor have also made an appearance and are very sporty fish on light tackle and lures.

Cold mornings turning into beautiful sunny days have been typical. The fish can and do move a lot every day in their search for food, we as fishermen need to do the same to find the fish schools.

Neap tides this weekend will mean you can take advantage of smaller tidal run to target deeper holes and near river mouths.


The winter whiting, bream, tailor, and squid are still prominent, along with a lot of small to medium size flathead. It pays to keep fishing areas nearby where smaller flathead are being caught, you will eventually nail a bigger female.

Again with the neap tides this weekend you want to be targeting closer to estuary mouths to enjoy the “more run, more fun” situation.

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