26 April 2019 fishing report


TWEED by Smithy

Over the last five days the upper catchment area of the tweed which is a massive area being in a volcanic caldera which creates its own environment has received 120 mm of rain. 

This has made the upper reaches of the river muddy and discoloured so the mid to lower reaches is the place to be for some nice quality flathead with trolling some pontoon 21 crackjack lures and the ever faithful micro mullets. 

The rain and dirty water is just what the river system needs to set up the foundation for a great winter season.  

Ian with a Tweed lizard
Conrad with a school jewfish caught on an Ecogear blade

GOLD COAST by Clinto

As the tides have mover closer to neaps so we’ve concentrated our efforts on the areas closer to the seaway.

Our charter guests have been getting some delicious keepers daily. 

Sam with a nice haul from the Broadwater

Currigee, Runaway Bay, and Paradise Point have been the best areas to fish, producing some great tuskfish, dusky flathead, bartail flathead, big flounder, sand whiting, whiting, squid, tarwine and tealeaf trevally.

Drifting with lightly weighted yabbies and teabagging vibes is a surefire way to catch the above species. Look for bait on the fish finder then do long drifts in 3-5 m depth water.

Mick with a tuskfish

Best lures have been the ever reliable Ecogear ZX40’s with 415, 440, and 447 the best colours. 

Smear a drop of Sax scent goldprawn all over the vibes every 30 minutes for maximum effect.

This weekend is a good opportunity to fish the deeper spots in the seaway and jumpinpin mouth for big predators such as jewfish and kingfish. Try live whiting and herring for bait or soft vibes.


Smithy & Clinto

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